Friday, June 30, 2017

In settlement of a lawsuit NYPD must accept and respond to Freedom of Information law requests and appeals by e-mail, update records access information on NYPD website, produce “LRAD”-related records, and pay legal fees to settle activist’s lawsuit


New York, NY - In settlement of a lawsuit brought in August of 2016 by activist Keegan Stephan to reform the NYPD’s Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”) policies, and seeking records regarding the NYPD’s uses of, and training related to, Long Range Acoustic Devices (“LRADs”), the NYPD has agreed to a Stipulation and Order requiring sweeping changes to the way it handles FOIL requests, as well as disclosure of documents related to its LRAD uses. New York State Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez signed the Stipulation and Order of Settlement and Discontinuance (which can be found here: on June 29, 2017.

Keegan Stephan and attorneys, Gideon Orion Oliver and Elena Cohen, held a press conference at the NYS Supreme Court steps in Manhattan.

Stephan and his lawyers say that the Stipulation and Order will force the NYPD to comply with many Freedom of Information Law and NYS Committee on Open Government requirements that have been in place since 2006, and will result in long overdue revisions to the NYPD’s website, around the NYPD’s “E-FOIL” practices. When the case was filed in August of 2016, the NYPD refused to accept or respond to FOIL requests by e-mail, publish any FOIL-related e-mail addresses on its website, or comply with other E-FOIL related requirements. Settlement talks began soon after. Then, in late 2016, the NYPD quietly updated its website to publish the FOIL@NYPD.ORG email address. Between then and now, the parties have been in ongoing settlement talks around further reforms.

Under the Stipulation and Order, the NYPD must:
• Accept and respond to FOIL requests and appeals by e-mail;
• Provide electronic versions of responsive records, when requested, if possible;
• Create and publish written procedures to cover its new E-FOIL practices;
• Update the FOIL section of its website to publish the related e-mail addresses and procedures, a link to the New York State Committee on Open Government and the Freedom of Information Law itself, a list of records maintained by the NYPD, and other records access-related information.

“Being forced to print, scan, and physically mail documents has derailed countless Freedom of Information requests upon the NYPD by myself and others,” said Stephan. “I’m thrilled with the outcome of this settlement, which I hope will empower the public to make the NYPD more transparent and accountable.”

Keegan Stephan 

Stephan – who is currently a law student and independent journalist – is also a plaintiff in a pending federal civil rights lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s December 5, 2014 use of an LRAD against himself and others at the large-scale protest over the nonindictment of the NYPD officer who killed Eric Garner.

Under the settlement, the NYPD must also disclose records about the NYPD’s LRAD uses on a rolling basis. Those documents include:

• Recordings of police communications around NYPD LRAD uses on December 4-5, 2014;
• A chart reflecting dates and times that LRADs have been deployed, may have been deployed, or were requested to be deployed between September 1, 2011 through December 12, 2014;
• A chart listing instances of LRAD use during November and December 2014 protests regarding the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric 
• Documents styled as a training materials regarding LRADs; and • Certain e-mails containing the keyword “LRAD”.

The NYPD must also pay Mr. Stephan’s attorneys, Gideon Orion Oliver and Elena Cohen, at least $24,000 in attorney’s fees. Oliver and Cohen are past Presidents of the National Lawyers Guild – NYC Chapter ( and current members of the NLG’s National Police Accountability Project (

“This settlement makes requesting public documents more accessible and affordable for the public, recognizing that our right to be aware of governmental actions should not be thwarted by shrouding it with the cloak of secrecy or confidentiality- or the needless expense and time of paper mailing in our digital age,” said Cohen.

Under the settlement, the NYPD must also disclose records about the NYPD’s LRAD uses on a rolling basis

Oliver said that he and Ms. Cohen were “dedicated to ensuring that the NYPD complies with records access requirements” going forward. He urged users of the new system to report violations of E-FOIL requirements. He added: “E-FOIL requesters should rest assured that further NYPD breaches of E-FOIL requirements may be treated as violations of a judicial order potentially punishable as a contempt of court.”

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

With actions across the state Environmental Groups call for Governor Cuomo to oppose new oil and gas infrastructures, hold corporate polluters responsible for their actions in the courts and accelerate investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency


New York, NY - On June 29, 2017; New Yorkers across the state are standing together to urge Energy Independence for New York State by freeing it from big oil and gas; calling on Governor Cuomo to declare energy independence and urge him to use the State’s powers to say NO to fossil fuel infrastructure. Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation must deny permits, Water Quality Certifications, or other regulatory approvals for transmission pipelines, power generating plants, compressor stations, and all fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

Similar events were also held at locations across the State: 

*Huntington, LI: 2:30pm, Village Green Park, 400 Park Ave
*NYC: 12pm, Steps of City Hall
*New Paltz: 2:00pm, outside the DEC Region 3 office: 21 S. Putt Corners Rd.
*Albany: 2:30pm, Capitol Park West
*Ithaca: 2:00pm, Dewitt Park - 102 E Court St, Ithaca, NY
*Syracuse: 2:00pm, outisde the DEC Region 7 office: 615 Erie Blvd West
*Rochester: 2:00pm, The Liberty Pole, at the corner of Franklin St. and East Main St.
*Buffalo: 2:00pm, outside the DEC Region 9 office: 270 Michigan Ave

Burning fossil fuels is a leading contributor to climate change and the oil and gas industry has known this for decades. Yet, instead of acting, they began a campaign to manufacture doubt and undermine action. New York cannot break its addiction to fossil fuels by permitting new infrastructure that will lock us into decades of fossil fuel use and leave our land and water vulnerable to spills and accidents.


As July 4th approaches, New York State must declare itself independent of the harms caused by the use of fossil fuels, that’s what a coalition of environmental organizations urged today. The groups argued that the devastating consequences of a rapidly warming planet must be addressed. The levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere already exceed 400 ppm, considered dangerously high. In addition, methane -- a greenhouse gas more potent than CO2 in the near-term – levels are now growing faster in the atmosphere than at any other time in the past two decades. There’s still far less total methane in the atmosphere than there is carbon dioxide — but molecule for molecule, methane traps far more heat. With the actions by the Trump Administration that undermine international and federal climate policies, it is up to the states to act.

New York can help lead the nation by blocking the development of all new fossil fuel infrastructure deals, which, if built, must be used for decades in order to pay for themselves. The groups argued there is no time to waste. Weaning the nation off of its fossil fuel addiction must start now and blocking new projects to expand the use of oil and gas is a key step.

Governor Cuomo has authority to deny the necessary permits to build such facilities, thus he can stop these expansions.


It is clear that oil and gas facilities not only contribute to the “greenhouse effect” and air pollution, but spills threaten water supplies as well. In a recent report, hundreds of oil and gas spills have not been cleaned up. Leaks, spills and accidents at oil and gas projects can pose additional health threats to local residents.

There was also support expressed for the investigation by New York Attorney General Schneiderman into the activities of ExxonMobil. The Attorney General is investigating whether ExxonMobil deliberately misled the public about the dangers of the burning of fossil fuels. Media reports have documented that the oil giant’s researchers had identified the problem as early as the 1970s. Instead of warning the public, it is alleged that the company used its power to block necessary public health actions. Recently, over 100 New York-based scientists pledged their support for the investigation.

“The looming climate change catastrophe demands that we act. The failure of the federal government to lead means that states must step up. New York State must set a national – and global – example on how best to follow the advice of the world’s experts. It must do so by phasing out fossil fuels and banning expanded infrastructure, keeping the ban on fracking, forcing the industry to clean up its toxic legacy that threatens water supplies, holding the industry accountable for its campaigns of disinformation, and moving toward energy independence through massive investments in efficiency and renewable forms of power. Governor Cuomo must lead the way,” said Megan Ahearn, NYPIRG Program Director. 

“Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords will test whether Governor Cuomo is a genuine leader on climate change. New York needs Governor Cuomo to be a consistent opponent of fossil fuels. Governor Cuomo can protect New York’s communities from climate chaos by opposing all fracking infrastructure and committing to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035," said Greta Zarro, New York Organizer, Food & Water Watch.


"We need good jobs to solve the climate crisis, not corporate greed that destroys our collective future," said Jamie Tyberg with New York Communities for Change. "It's time for New York to declare energy independence from the likes of Exxon."

“Governor Cuomo continues to make bold climate moves by committing to the Paris Climate Accord, discrediting neighboring states in his 2017 State of the State for fracking, launching a methane emissions reduction program, implementing the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) program, and committing to purchasing offshore wind for New York. We need his actions to mirror his statements. He continues to give passes to the fracking industry with massive pipeline expansions and new gas power plants that will only lock us into a future of fossil fuels and fund private corporate gain with exports while creating record-climbing methane emissions," said Kim Fraczek, Sane Energy Project Director.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New York voters and local farmers disrupt Cricket Valley Power Plant’s breaking-ground ceremony.

A massive methane emitting fracked gas power plant breaks ground despite Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement of New York State’s Methane Reduction Plan. 


Dover, NY – The controversial Cricket Valley Gas-Fired Power Plant’s golden-shovel ceremony was disrupted today by a large, golden bell rung by NY voters and local farmers expressing an alarm-bell for regional waters and soil, nearby school children that will breath toxic emissions, decline in quality, local jobs and economy, and a gigantic methane producer at the height of a global climate crisis. 

Cricket Valley, an 1,100MW power plant not only locks New York into a future of dirty fuels via the plant’s connection to the Dominion Pipeline expansion, but also slates the connected Iroquois Pipeline for flow reversal expansion to export the gas to foreign markets via Canada putting the health and safety risk on the local community for private profit.

Although Governor Cuomo has made bold statements about being a climate leader, he sets policy to a different tune. He recently issued a Methane Reduction Plan shortly following his 2017 State of the State address where he said “New York must double down by investing in the fight against dirty fossil fuels and fracked gas from neighboring states.” He further took a stand against President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and pledged climate action with governors across the U.S. “If Washington won't act, New Yorkers will,” he wrote on Twitter. “We've set bold renewable energy goals and will invest in a sustainable future.”


Cuomo’s programs like Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) aimed to revamp New York’s electric grid with clean and affordable energy to all New Yorkers, is counter to the reality of the massive buildout of fracked gas infrastructure we see in New York State. He is even going as far as issue Request for Proposals (RFP’s) this July to power Empire State Plaza in Albany with fracked gas disguised as a clean energy microgrid.

Local resident Cindy Beach states, “My entire childhood was spent here. It was very rural and many farms then. The building of this infrastructure is very disturbing to me especially for the several children’s schools near this plant. Wingdale Elementary School, 2.5 miles from Cricket Valley, Dover Elementary School 4.5 miles, Dover Middle School 0.9 miles, and Dover High School 0.9 miles from the plant. Where does the school administration stand on the safety of our children? Are they aware of the health consequences of gas infrastructure?” 

Local farmer and land-owner in Amenia, NY, Devin Kyle Irby states, “Like many who have bought farms in this beautiful region, we here to be part of a cleaner future. I was saddened and appalled to hear that this power plant would be part of the fracked gas nightmare. This "transition fuel" is literally destroying the water table throughout North America. Sold as clean, most of us who honor water and work for future generations know this is a 'Transition' to a dead planet with polluted water and air. We need to draw a line in the sand and support only solutions which are truly renewable part of a living future."

Southern Tier resident and local organizer with Mothers Out Front, Lisa Marshall states, “On the other end of this pipeline and  power plant is my home. Dominion has shown craven disregard for the health, safety, and private property of the communities where it has sited its compressors. Their permit applications were deeply flawed and inaccurate. The technology employed does not meet the highest available standard for environmental protection. They've been consistently dishonest about the full impacts of this project from the start.”

A growing and powerful movement across New York State, responsible for the ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, backed by science and health professionals asserts the ancillary infrastructure is preventing a full transition to an equitable, renewable economy. 


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Resistance groups led the 2017 New York City Pride March
12 No Justice No Pride protesters were arrested


New York City - On June 25, 2017 Pride March NYC is going into its 47th anniversary with the largest Pride March in the country. Pride March NYC is a day of fun and celebration in the name of equality, attracting thousands of out-of-state visitors and brings them together with local residents, families, and community leaders. The first March was held in 1970 and has since become an annual civil rights demonstration. Over the years its purpose has broadened to include recognition of the fight against AIDS and to remember those we have lost to illness, violence and neglect. The March is a celebration of our lives and our community. 

This year, the parade is being led by the Resistance against the Trump/Pence regime. Members of ACT UP, Rise + Resist, United Thru Action, and Gays Against Guns among other activist groups march in the lead section of the NYC Pride Parade with a contingent honoring the place of civil disobedience, visible action, and resistance in the LGBTQ community.
Trump and Pence have viciously attacked LGBTQ people from the start. They've imposed the transgender "bathroom law" preventing trans children in schools from using the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. Pence has expressed support for "conversion therapy"--effectively torture for gay children. The regime is enabling, even encouraging, businesses and schools (see Betsy DeVos) to discriminate against LGBTQ people. And they have unleashed a rabid fascist support base to attack anyone who doesn't conform to their white, male, heterosexual vision for America and the world. 

ACT UP’s participation in the Parade will call back to the group’s history of provocative, creative gestures, props, and action. Members will be bearing five coffins down the parade route to symbolize critical AIDS-related services and programs under direct threat from the Trump Administration. These include: Medicaid, PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief), Ryan White CARE Act, Affordable Care Act, and Sex Education.


Earlier this year, Heritage of Pride faced pressure to acknowledge the increased necessity for the kinds of bold, disruptive tactics pioneered by ACT UP and other resistance groups. The unprecedented presence of ACT UP in a leading section of the parade comes just one week after the resignation of six members from the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, in a letter describing that President Trump “simply does not care” about HIV/AIDS policy and services.

12 queer and trans allies, part of the No Justice No Pride movement blocked the NYPD and Toronto Police contingents at the New York City Pride March in pride for Trans and Queer lives. Protesters chained themselves to one another bringing the march to a complete halt. Twelve arrest were made co-facilitated by the Pride March board of directors for blocking police presence out of pride.


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Saturday, June 24, 2017

TransJustice: An Audre Lorde Project March to Continue the Legacy of Stonewall Resistance at the 13 Annual Trans Day of Action


New York, NY — TransJustice, a program of the Audre Lorde Project, created by and for Trans and Gender Non Conforming People of Color (TGNC POC), gathered Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Two Spirit organizations and allies on June 23, 2017 at Washington Square Park for the 13th Annual Trans Day of Action to build upon the legacy of the Stonewall Rebellion and draw attention to the continuing conditions faced by Trans and Gender Non Conforming People Of Color.


Despite the increasing interest and visibility in Trans and Gender Non Conforming issues in media and popular culture, we are still seeing unprecedented levels of violence against our communities. This year alone, 13 Trans people of color mostly trans women, were murdered. Additionally, in a recent report by the NY Anti-Violence Project, in 2015 there was a 20%  increase in report of homicides against LGBT people, 62% of the LGBT homicide victims were people of color and 67% were Trans and Gender Non Conforming.

The 2017 Trans Day of Action calls for an end to such hate violence and TGNC erasure during Pride season. The event included performances and speeches from TransJustice and local community members.


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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Planned Parenthood organized #PinkOut Day to make lawmakers confront the cruelty of their health care bill



New York, NY - On June 21, 2017; Planned Parenthood organized #PinkOut Day, in an effort to make lawmakers confront the cruelty of their health care bill by turning the internet pink, and showing up in cities and towns across the country wearing pink.

Across the country Planned Parenthood held rallies against attacks on health care access. The Trump administration, Sen. Mitch McConnell and others are trying to force through a health care bill without ever letting anyone even see it. This bill could affect millions of people's access to health care, and cut people with Medicaid off from receiving services at Planned Parenthood, and we all have a right to see it. 

At the same time that Planned Parenthood is calling for the Senate to release the Senate AHCA, they're also calling on New York State Senators to pass legislation that will protect reproductive rights here in New York. Demanding that the Senate bring the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act to a vote! 


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Opposition from New Yorkers causes EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to cancel speech to far right think tank at Harvard Club



New York, NY – In response to significant opposition from Rise and Resist, Sierra Club, We Act, Food & Water Watch,, and other community leaders, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt canceled his speech to the far right think tank, the Manhattan Institute on June 21, 2017; at the Harvard Club in Manhattan. Pruitt’s cancellation is one more sign of the significant opposition to the Trump administration’s dirty budget. Local groups and community leaders continue to strongly oppose Administrator Pruitt’s goal to eliminate necessary lifesaving health and climate protections in this reckless budget.

Pruitt was scheduled to defend the Trump Administration’s budget in a speech to the Manhattan Institute at the Harvard Club. In spite of the cancellation, New York groups rallied outside of the Harvard Club to continue their demonstration of opposition to the administration’s budget that places polluter profits ahead of people’s health.

Since his confirmation as EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt has continued to support his polluter allies, putting the lives of millions of Americans and our climate at risk.


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15th annual Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga



New York, NY - The Times Square Alliance welcomed more than 12,000 yogis on June 21, 2017; for free yoga classes at the 15th annual Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga, presented by Aerie. A key theme this year for co-founders Tim Tompkins and Douglass Stewart is “Ahimsa,” a Sanskrit word ofien translated as “do no harm” or non-violence."

“The theme of Ahimsa is especially relevant as we witness new waves of anger and violence erupting around the country and around the world, including in Times Square itself just a few weeks ago," said Tim Tompkins, President of Times Square Alliance and co-founder of the event. “Even at a time when it seems impossible, one can, and should, take a moment to find harmony within their mind, body, and the world around them.”


“Thousands of yoga practitioners come to Summer Solstice in Times Square/Mind over Madness Yoga to cut through the noise of inner unsteadiness and outer distractions to bathe in their own deeper stillness,” said Douglass Stewart, co-founder of Solstice in Times Square.

“Aerie is so excited to sponsor this year’s Solstice in Times Square,” said Jen Foyle, Global Brand President of Aerie. “The #AerieREAL message is our commitment to empowering everyone to feel happy, healthy and confident inside and out. This event is an amazing way to share our message and empower thousands of yogis to love their REAL selves.”

Yogis of all skill levels participated in seven free yoga classes


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Friday, June 16, 2017

NYC Pride takes the Rally back into the streets kicking off NYC Pride 2017



New York, NY – NYC Pride is taking the Rally back into the streets. LGBT rights and human rights are under attack by the current political environment. Community activists, organizers, politicians, and more join for this unprecedented moment in our history. Taking a stand, showing up in force, and making their voices heard in this re-imagined Rally experience. 

Organized by NYC Pride, this year hosts a full calendar of official LGBT Pride events in New York City from June 16-25, 2017. With more than 2 million spectators in 2016, this year’s Pride schedule offers a wide array of events for everyone to enjoy.


NYC Pride March, will be held on Sunday June 25, 12pm, formation at 36th Street and 5th Ave. The world’s best-known LGBT Pride event, the 48th NYC Pride March will be led by Grand Marshals: The American Civil Liberties Union, Brooke Guinan, Krishna Stone, and Geng Le. This year’s March will also broadcast live on ABC7. 

The first NYC Pride Rally occurred one month after the Stonewall Riots in June 1969, when 500 people gathered for a “Gay Power” demonstration in Washington Square Park followed by a candlelight vigil in Sheridan Square. NYC Pride has continued this proud tradition by hosting the event in various locations throughout the city. 


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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

“Raise the Rainbow!” Rally and March to honor the late Gilbert Baker, LGBTQ Rainbow Flag creator



New York City - Friends of Gilbert Baker organized a rally and march in New York City’s West Village, starting at The Stonewall Inn on June 14, 2017; in memory of Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow Flag, the international symbol of LGBTQ pride. The event also protest discrimination and bigotry against LGBTQ Americans that has been perpetuated by the Trump administration and the GOP. Baker died last March 31 at age 65.

This Flag Day event (also Trump’s 71st birthday), which takes place during Pride Month, began at the Stonewall Inn with a rally. Protesters then carried Baker’s hand-sewn banners, including one that reads “Don’t Buy Trump’s Lies”, and marched to Hudson River Park for the historic raising of the Rainbow Flag on a giant flagpole. 


There were nine speakers, one for each stripe of the Rainbow Flag, and each speech will be tied to the symbolism of the color: lavender for diversity, pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, violet for spirit.

The Trump administration and the GOP have declared war on the LGBTQ community. Gilbert Baker was a member of the Rise + Resist movement that protests the Trump agenda. Flag Day, flag maker Baker’s favorite holiday, is also the President’s birthday. On June 14, we honor Baker’s global contribution to LGBTQ unity and protest the current president’s divisiveness and anti-LGBTQ policies.


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New Yorkers give Trump plane tickets back to Russia as a birthday present



New York City - On Donald J. Trump's 71st birthday, June 14, 2017; Rise and Resist presented him plane tickets back to Russia. Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered outside Trump Tower for a #SadBirthday party, celebrating the ongoing resistance to his presidency and to stand against Trump's lies, hate, and corruption.

Rise and Resist attempted to deliver the plane tickets, care of Melania Trump, at Trump Tower.


"Donald Trump is proposing policy after policy that will be destructive for America,” said Andy Ratto, member of Rise and Resist. “While he is in DC blowing out the candles on his cake, we'll be out in the streets saying we hope none of his wishes come true.”

The New York event is part of a national day of anti-Trump events on his birthday, including protests at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Trump National Golf Course in Westchester County, NY, and other sites around the United States. 

Rise and Resist, formed in response to the 2016 US election, is a nonviolent direct action group made up of both new and experienced activists committed to opposing, disrupting, and defeating any government act that threatens democracy, equality, and our civil liberties. We work collaboratively, creatively, respectfully, and with all the joy we can muster for the health of the people and the planet.

Rise and Resist reject state sanctioned violence, bigotry, and systemic discrimination in all its forms, including those directed at people because of their disability, gender identity/expression, immigration status, race, religion, sex, and sexuality. Condemning all the oppressive policies that define the current government regime.


Rise and Resist strive to intentionally honor the complex challenges the nation faces. 

Previous Rise and Resist actions include a "cough-in" at Jean-Georges restaurant; a Medicaid block grant action at Federal Plaza; a protest at Trump Tower against the Muslim ban, the ICE raids, and the proposed border wall where 26 members were arrested; and a protest against Trump's abbreviated visit to New York City.

#Activism #DefendDemocracy #DonaldTrump #DumpTrump #FakePrez #HereToStay #humanrights #impeach #LoveTrumpsHate #MangoMussolini #MuslimBan #MuslimRights #NewYorkCity #NewYorkers #NoBan #NoHumanIsIlegal #NotMyPresident #NoTrumpNYC #NotWelcome #NoWall #NYC #PeacefulProtest #PeacefulResistance #RefugeesWelcome #refusefascism #RejectPresidentElect #ResistTrump #RiseAndResist #Russia #SadBirthday #SanctuaryCity #StopTheHate #TrumpBirthday #trumptaxes #TrumpTower

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